Commision Requests

Hi cosplay world. If your looking for looking to have something made I may be able to help ya. As part of my effort to help the cosplay community I've made a few hundred tutorial videos as I make cosplay. I'd like to think this has help many people grow and enjoy this hobby. But for those who don't have time, tools, or just like what I make I can help you too. If ya fill out the form and send it to me I'll see if I can help you. 🙂

I ask $200 per week for labor plus material and shipping costs. Electrical and maniacal work is extra case by case.
All costs are itemized in a formal quote.

I ask a $50 deposit of the total to reserve a time slot. Half of the remainder is due at the start of the time slot and what is left plus shipping is due once pictures of the finished work are sent.

Example quote:
ice wings: acrylic sheet:$52
clear resin:$18
metal rod:$4
PVC sheet: $3
rivets, strap, glue, ext.: $20
1 weeks labor: $200
total:$297 plus shipping

Start of time slot=$98
When project is done=$149+ shipping


A time slot is a number of weeks set aside for your project.
Starting typically on a Monday and ending on a Friday.
As I'm booked several weeks in advance and all slots are first come first serve it is good to plan for ahead for your request.

Electrical and maniacal work is extra case by case because it takes so much more work to design and build functioning parts and very in situation versus static work.

I cant tell you exactly how much shipping is at the start of a quote because I only have a general idea of the end size and weight. Additionally shipping rates may change from the time of quote to completion.

To keep producing new videos regularity a project will only be made once, so if there is a video of a project already produced any additional requests of the same project will have to be declined.

All projects are subject to local laws and may altered or decided to comply to those laws.

All projects are not to be used in craftsmanship based events. In non-craftsmanship based events
please give credit where applicable.

All items made are reproductions and are not to used for offensive or defensive purposes. Any functionality is independent
of reference concept, and subject to the laws of physics.

Care and maintenance are the responsibility of the recipient once in their possession how ever repairs may be available at a fee.

I reserve the right to end any transaction reaching an impasse.

Please help keep this list of terms sort by disusing any concerns before any misunderstanding can take place because I'm happy to answer any questions.

Thank You good times to all